In the SC race for Governor there is enough information that our organization feels quite confident of our rating for the leading candidates as can be seen in the summary listed below. The evidence to back up the ratings is listed in comments section near the bottom of this web page.

If you haven't already you can click here to go to the table of the differences between a Nation under God and a Nation under Government to help you decide which America you prefer.

  • Nikki Haley - Nation under God
  • Vincent Sheheen - Nation under Government
  • Steve French - No opinion *
  • Morgan Reeves - No opinion *
  • Tom Ervin - No opinion *

* See the comments in their profiles

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Nikki Haley
Nikki Haley
Vincent Sheheen
Vincent Sheheen
Steve French
Steve French
Morgan Reeves
Morgan Reeves
Tom Ervin
Tom Ervin

Evidence for the ratings

*************** Nikki Haley and Vincent Sheheen ***************

The Congress of Hope is based in South Carolina and has been watching both Governor Haley and Senator Sheheen for some time now. It is our opinion that Governor Haley believes that America is better off as a Nation under God while Senator Sheheen believes that America is better off as a Nation under Government.

There is stark difference in their support of ObamaCare and our organization believes that supporting "Comprehensive Acts" is a sign that a representative believes America is better off as a Nation under Government. You can click here for an explanation of why. Though neither Governor Haley nor Senator Sheheen could actually vote for ObamaCare they have made their support or lack of support very clear. Senator Sheheen does support ObamaCare while Governor Haley does not.

Though both Governor Haley and Senator Sheheen personally believe that marriage is between a man and a woman they differ on what level of Government should make the decision if it should be legal or not. The same short article is listed in the newspaper articles section of their profiles. Though only a few paragraphs long the article is very telling. Governor Haley is fighting for South Carolina to decide for itself what the morality of same sex marriage will be in South Carolina. Senator Sheheen on the other hand is quite comfortable with a Federal judge deciding for South Carolina what the morality of same sex marriage will be in South Carolina while he waits for the Supreme Court to decide for South Carolina what the morality of our community will be. On this issue Senator Sheheen believes in "Unity through Force" while Governor Haley believes in "Unity through Compromise." You can click here for a discussion on why this is a major indicator if a candidate believes that America is better off as a Nation under God or as a Nation under Government. Basically a candidate that believes in a Nation under God believes that decisions on morality should be made at the lowest level of Government possible. Governor Haley believes that this decision should be made by the Government of South Carolina while Senator Sheheen is waiting for the Federal Government through the Supreme Court to make this decision for South Carolina.

*************** Other Candidates ***************

The same short newspaper article that is in the profile of Governor Haley is also in the profile of Tom Ervin since he is mentioned in this article as saying that "that government does not belong in the bedroom and further action wastes taxpayers' money." If you read the article this would mean that he would allow a Federal judge to determine the legality of same sex marriage for South Carolina if he does not want the Attorney General of South Carolina to fight the ruling. This seems to be the same stance as Senator Sheheen. Unfortunately if a Federal judge decides to rule on same sex marriage that judge will make the law in South Carolina and same sex couples will be allowed to marry in South Carolina if the Government of South Carolina does not fight it. Somebody has to fight it or it does not go to the Supreme Court whether it belongs there or not. It’s much too early to tell with Tom Ervin but this is the stance of someone who believes that America is better off as a Nation under Government. Some clarification will be needed as he simply might not have put much thought into this and doesn't have the access to the advice of the Attorney General that the Governor does.

For now our organization doesn't know enough about the other candidates to feel comfortable offering an opinion on them. So "no opinion" is all that can be offered for an opinion. Please go to their profiles to see if you can form your own opinion with the video and other information available in the profiles.


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