The "Old Path Forward" to stay a "Nation under God"
The "New Path Forward" to a "Nation under Government"

This organization believes that America has transitioned from a Nation under God to a Nation under Government. The main political decision in America today is not choosing between Democrats or Republicans but rather choosing between candidates that will stay on the "New Path Forward" or candidates that prefer the "Old Path Forward."

There is a divide in the Democratic Party. This divide rarely shows itself. This is because both sides have the same goal. Both sides of this divide prefer that America stay a Nation under Government. One side consists of Progressives that prefer this as they believe their programs are working or will work eventually. The other side of this divide is what will be called Establishment Democrats. Establishment Democrats all prefer that America stay a Nation under Government as well though their motives vary. Some Establishment Democrats just like Establishment Republicans are thieves. These prefer that America stay a Nation under Government because they like to pad their pockets. It is simple common sense that more Government means more opportunity for the thieves in both parties. Other Establishment Democrats grow the size of Government because they believe they must do these things to keep their side in power. These Establishment Democrats are often well intentioned but their laws and regulations do steadily grow the size of the Federal Government and make America more of a Nation under Government. Though the intent of an Establishment Politician who is a thief and an Establishment Politician who is well intentioned are different, the end result is the same. They both grow the size of Government. They both are part of the Establishment.

Establishment Democrats and Establishment Republican are very similar as all Establishment Politicians grow the size of the Federal Government for various reasons. The main difference is that Establishment Democrats usually do it at a faster rate than Establishment Republicans.

There is a divide in the Republican Party. This divide is extremely obvious. This is because both sides have opposite goals. The true Conservatives prefer that America becomes a Nation under God again which means they want to see the size of the Federal Government get smaller. This means they want America back on the Old Path Forward. As discussed the Establishment Republicans like Establishment Democrats prefer a Nation under Government.

So though there are only two major political parties in America there are four different types of politicians. These are:

  • Conservatives,
  • Progressives,
  • Establishment Democrats and
  • Establishment Republicans.

Since Establishment Republicans, Establishment Democrats, and Progressive all are moving America towards becoming more of a Nation under Government this is why things don't change if either Democrats or Republicans are in control. Technically it is three against one in Washington to keep America moving towards a Nation under Government. Putting Republicans in control does slow down the rate down but does not put Conservatives in control. Only Conservative Politicians will move America towards becoming a Nation under God again. In the past there were Democrats that were Conservative but there are almost no Conservative Democrats in Washington these days.

The way to make America a Nation under God again is for Conservatives to gain a majority. Until this happens the Federal Government will continue to grow.

This is where this organization comes in. This is an educational organization. Our goal is to help voters identify which candidates are for a Nation under God and which are for a Nation under Government but voters must decide for themselves which ideology to vote for. Our organization does not to endorse either a Nation under God or a Nation under Government but when there is enough information to make an informed opinion our goal is to let you know which form of government a politician prefers.

Please click here to learn about some indicators our organization uses. These include:

  • Comprehensive Reforms
  • "Unity through Force" versus "“Unity through Compromise"
  • "Freedom from Government" versus "Freedoms to Government"


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