Definition of a Comprehensive Act
and why ObamaCare and S744 qualify as such

Our organization uses support of "Comprehensive Acts" as an indicator that a representative prefers America as a Nation under Government. There are several reasons for this but the main one is that these Acts almost always expand the size of the Federal Government which gives the government more control over the people. The Founding Fathers wanted a small, limited government with laws that could be understood.

A "Comprehensive Act" is not a law often until years after they pass. All Comprehensive Acts are long and all contain at least three of the traits listed below.

  • They can't be easily understood as passed due to their sheer size or missing regulations (see figure below).
  • They require Bureaucrats to write the regulations to turn the "Act" into a "Law" (see figure below).
  • They increase the size of Government.
  • They claim they will save money while solving the problem.
  • They can't go into effect immediately after being passed.
  • They are often "Living-breathing" documents.
  • They need to tax someone.

ObamaCare didn't go into effect immediately after being passed as shown by the figure below. In fact ObamaCare may not qualify as a law even as this was written in 3/2014 as major parts of it have been delayed and regulations are still being written. As the figure shows ObamaCare qualifies as a "Living-breathing" document since the bureaucrats will be changing it constantly as long as it is around.

ObamaCare definitely qualifies as a Comprehensive Act as it has all the traits listed above.

The box after the figure explains why the S744 Immigration Comprehensive Act written by Lindsey Graham and others meets at least five and possibly all of the traits listed above.

Visual for regulations written

The S744 Immigration reform Senator Graham has worked on meets at least five and possibly all of the qualifications to be a true Comprehensive Act.

It does need to tax someone as it will cost millions (or billions) just to build the fence.

It is easy to prove that it can't be easily understood as passed due to the sheer size. If you click here to download all 1198 pages in a PDf format you can see that it is 1198 pages long.

Thankfully there was an organization that has a well done web site and a booklet that can be downloaded that described the law or there would have been no attempt to wade through a 1198 page Act to figure it out.

The organization seems to be pro-immigration but it looks like they have been pretty honest in their attempt to explain this Comprehensive Act. The images shown below were screen saved from their web site. You can visit their web site to see more if you wish. You can go to their web site by clicking here.

The image below shows the Act does increase the size of government by creating at least the agencies shown.

Screen Save of web site

The image below does show the Act can't go into effect immediately after being passed and it will of course take time to set-up the new Government agencies.

Screen Save of web site

There are decisions and some regulations that Federal Bureaucrats, Judges and the President will have to decide but there doesn't appear to be requirements for the massive writing of regulations like what was in ObamaCare. A few quotes pulled from the guide are listed below.

"Exceptions are made for full-time students, children under 21, physical or mental disability, and showings of extreme hardship."

"There are exemptions to the employment requirement for full-time enrollment in school, maternity leave, medical leave, physical or mental disabilities, children under 21, and extreme hardship."

"Judges also have greater flexibility to make case-by-case determinations involving minor criminal violations or other infractions for humanitarian purposes, to promote family unity, or in the public interest."

"In the interest of efficiency, the President, in consultation with the Secretary of State and DHS, may designate certain persecuted groups with common characteristics whose resettlement in the United States is justified by humanitarian concerns or is otherwise in the national interest as meeting the requirements of refugee status."

If you go to the web page where the organization posted their guide and scroll down to the bottom you will find some credible sources stating this law will save all kinds of money. This is one reason it is suspected this organization is pro-immigration. There are plenty of credible sources that say this Act will cost money that aren't listed. As with any Comprehensive Act no one really knows for sure but they always say they do.

This Comprehensive Act does contain some "Living-breathing" but not on a grand scale by any means.

Image for immigration guide Click here or on the image to download their guide in a PDF format or scroll to the bottom of thier web site if it doesn't download from here.


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