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Tom Ervin

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Basic Biographical Information and Web Site:

Residence (City, State): Greenville, SC-

Marital Status: Married - wife Kathryn - 2 children

Occupation: Ex-Circuit Judge, Attorney, Radio Station Owner

Erskine College BA in history
University of South Carolina School of Law

Birthday: 1952

Religion: Christian

Tom Ervin
Tom Ervin

News articles
News articles

The following is an article from the Spartanburg Herald Journal. This article is listed in the profiles of Governor Haley, Senator Sheheen and Tom Ervin as all three of them are mentioned in it and though only a few paragraphs long it gives some good insight into whether each candidate prefers America as a Nation under God or as a Nation under Government as explained in the comments section on the main web page for the race for Governor.

Candidates for SC governor differ on gay marriage ban
The Associated Press
Published: Friday, August 1, 2014 at 2:00 p.m.

Observations from the

Observations from the

Tom Ervin got on the ballot as a petition candidate. He is definitely running a serious campaign. He has invested in television ads, has a well done web site and is campaigning. The Congress Of Hope will come back to this campaign.

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