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Basic Biographical Information and Web Site:

Residence (City, State): Columbia, SC

Marital Status: Married - Three sons

Occupation: Pastor of Christ Church of the Carolinas from 2000 to 2013; attorney for 20 years

Education: Bachelor's degree, Wofford College; USC law school
Master's of divinity from Columbia International University

Birthday: 4/14/52

Religion: Christ Church of the Carolinas

Det Bowers
Det Bowers

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Campaign Mailings and Flyers

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News articles
News articles

The following is an article from the State newspaper in Columbia.
It is just an introduction and will be likely be removed as more
information comes in. Exclusive: Graham challenger taps supporter of Ted Cruz
By Jamie Self
March 1, 2014

Observations from the

Observations from the

America on his shoulders The main reason our organization decided to not give an opinion if Det Bowers is more for a Nation under God or for a Nation under Government is simply because we just are not that familiar with him. Since there are three candidates running that we are familiar with it was decided to offer no opinion but we would like to point out that our gut feeling is that he does believe that America would be better off as a Nation under God. This is a gut feeling that was formed from reading a book that he wrote (pictured here) and talking with him and his campaign staff. Since there are three candidates our organization has watched for years running there seemed to be no need to offer an official opinion. It is highly recommended that you watch the video in his video profile, look over his campaign material and visit his web site to form your own opinion.

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