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Basic Biographical Information and Web Site:

Residence (City, State): Roebuck, SC

Marital Status: Married. Wife Amy, 2 children, Kaylee and Kendyl

Occupation: Transportation

Birthday: 1964

Religion: Baptist

The State of South Carolina has a good biography on each State Senator. The link to Lee Bright is:
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Lee Bright
Lee Bright

Campaign Mailings and Flyers
Campaign Mailings and Flyers

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Immigration rating
immigration rating

Since one of the biggest differences between Senator Graham and his challengers are their stances on illegal immigration this section was added. If you click here or on the picture below you will go to the candidate ratings page for an organization called NumbersUSA. The picture is a screen save from that web page. The good thing about NumbersUSA is that they backup their ratings. If you poke around their web site long enough you will find the actual votes they used to rate Senator Graham as a "D-" (The ratings go from A+ to F- with F- being the worse). If you go to the candidate ratings page and poke around they will list how his challengers answered the questions on their survey (at least the candidates that did answer the survey). It doesn't look like Det Bowers or Benjamin Dunn were approached since they both entered the race late.

Our organization is educational so we will always list issues where there is a large difference between candidates as there is with the immigration issue but one of several reasons that Senator Graham is in our opinion a candidate that prefers America as a Nation under Government is that he is a leader in writing a Comprehensive Act to deal with illegal immigration. You can click here for a definition of a Comprehensive Act.

News articles
News articles

Governor Haley endorsed Lee Bright in this race at the last minute.
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Gov. Haley endorses Bright in state Senate race
Hawkins 'feeds off the worker's comp system,' Haley says
By Andrew Doughman
Published: Sunday, June 10, 2012 at 3:15 a.m.
Last Modified: Saturday, June 9, 2012 at 9:36 p.m.

Observations from the

The goal of this organization is to give voters an opinion from those who follow politics closely if a candidate prefers that America become more of a Nation under Government or a Nation under God. In many cases there is not enough evidence to form an opinion.

There is plenty of evidence with Senator Bright and the evidence all points to his being a strong Conservative and one trait of a true Conservative is that they believe that all Americans can coexist better in a Nation under God. It is our opinion that Lee Bright will do everything possible to put America back on the path to being a Nation under God again.

Like all the Republican candidates Senator Bright says he is a true Conservative but let's look at some of the evidence that is available.

There are three organizations that have put together ratings that we believe are reliable. The Greenville Tea Party and the Palmetto Liberty PAC are both Tea Party groups. Whatever your opinion of the Tea Party movement one thing they do know is the difference between Conservatives and Progressives. The SC Club for Growth is a respected watchdog group that has been around since before the Tea Parties came into existence. They are concerned with economic issues only. Their ratings tell the difference between a fiscal conservative and a free spending incumbent.

As you can see by examining the figure below from the Greenville Tea Party their ratings are based on actual votes so they are not just pulled out of thin air. If you go to the links for the ratings provided below and have the time to read through the information the three groups provide on their web sites, you will find they explain each vote used in their ratings. Lee Bright is listed first in the figure below.

Greenville Tea Party Rating

As you can see the Greenville Tea Party gives the incumbent an "A" grade. This means that Senator Bright is definitely a conservative in the eyes of the Greenville Tea Party. Currently there is problem with their web site so the link to thier ratings page isn't available at this time.

The Palmetto Liberty PAC rates Senator Bright as 90 out of a possible 100 which puts him solidly on the conservative side. Click here to go to their rating web page.

Another reason that this race was listed is that the South Carolina Club for Growth is an organization that has both tax exempt status with the Internal Revenue Service and can endorse candidates. The can not endorse candidates. We can only educate you about their positions and let you decide what your preferences are. The SC Club for Growth only endorsed two candidates in 2012 and Senator Bright was one of them. Click here to go to that web page for the SC Club for Growth endorsement.

The South Carolina Club for Growth rates Senator Bright as 100 out of a possible 100. Click here to go to their rating web page.

Based on the information above and our observations of Senator Bright in action it is our opinion he is a true, small government conservative.

It is the opinion of the that a vote for Lee Bright is a vote for a Nation under God. Since America is now more of a Nation under Government the Government through IRS regulations prevents our organization from endorsing candidates. Our organization can only educate. If you prefer that America become a Nation under God again then it is our opinion that Lee bright is one of the candidates in this race that will work to take America in that direction. If you prefer the path that America is currently on then you do not want to vote for Lee Bright.

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