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Basic Biographical Information and Web Site:

Residence (City, State): Orangeburg, SC

Marital Status: Married - Three children

Occupation: Real estate attorney and Law Partner for "Horger and Connor, LLC"

Education: Graduate of The Citadel
Juris Doctorate (law) from the Univ. of South Carolina

Religion: Members of Christ Church of the Carolinas in Columbia

Military Experience: Over ten years service
Promoted to Lt. Colonel during voluntary deployment to Afghanistan

Bill Connor
Bill Connor

Campaign Mailings and Flyers
Campaign Mailings and Flyers

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Immigration rating
immigration rating

Since one of the biggest differences between Senator Graham and his challengers are their stances on illegal immigration this section was added. If you click here or on the picture below you will go to the candidate ratings page for an organization called NumbersUSA. The picture is a screen save from that web page. The good thing about NumbersUSA is that they backup their ratings. If you poke around their web site long enough you will find the actual votes they used to rate Senator Graham as a "D-" (The ratings go from A+ to F- with F- being the worse). If you go to the candidate ratings page and poke around they will list how his challengers answered the questions on their survey (at least the candidates that did answer the survey). It doesn't look like Det Bowers or Benjamin Dunn were approached since they both entered the race late.

Our organization is educational so we will always list issues where there is a large difference between candidates as there is with the immigration issue but one of several reasons that Senator Graham is in our opinion a candidate that prefers America as a Nation under Government is that he is a leader in writing a Comprehensive Act to deal with illegal immigration. You can click here for a definition of a Comprehensive Act.

News articles
News articles

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Observations from the

Observations from the

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