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Basic Biographical Information and Web Site:

Residence (City, State): Seneca, SC

Marital Status: Single - never married - no children

Education: Univ. of South Carolina B.A. in Psychology
Univ. of South Carolina School of Law - J.D. in 1981.

Birthday: 1955

Religion: Member of Corinth Baptist Church

Military Experience: US Air Force in 1982 until 1988.
SC Air National Guard and the U.S. Air Force Reserve

Lindsey Graham
Lindsey Graham

Immigration rating
immigration rating

Since one of the biggest differences between Senator Graham and his challengers are their stances on illegal immigration this section was added. If you click here or on the picture below you will go to the candidate ratings page for an organization called NumbersUSA. The picture is a screen save from that web page. The good thing about NumbersUSA is that they backup their ratings. If you poke around their web site long enough you will find the actual votes they used to rate Senator Graham as a "D-" (The ratings go from A+ to F- with F- being the worse). If you go to the candidate ratings page and poke around they will list how his challengers answered the questions on their survey (at least the candidates that did answer the survey). It doesn't look like Det Bowers or Benjamin Dunn were approached since they both entered the race late.

Our organization is educational so we will always list issues where there is a large difference between candidates as there is with the immigration issue but one of several reasons that Senator Graham is in our opinion a candidate that prefers America as a Nation under Government is that he is a leader in writing a Comprehensive Act to deal with illegal immigration. You can click here for a definition of a Comprehensive Act.

News articles
News articles

The following link is to an article in the Spartanburg Herald on Lindsey Graham. It quotes him as being very outspoken that America should attack Syria. The article is short and will give you a good idea of Senator Graham's position.

Sen. Graham says no good options are left on Syria
By Felicia Kitzmiller
Published: Thursday, September 5, 2013 at 3:15 a.m.
Last Modified: Thursday, Friday, September 6, 2013 at 7:05 a.m.

The follow article shows that senator Graham supported attaching Libya.

McCain, Graham show courage on Libya
By Nicolaus Mills, Special to CNN
June 22, 2011 10:04 a.m.

The following article is more of an opinion piece covering Senator Graham's policy of giving President Obama pre approval to go to war at will with Iraq.

Lindsey Graham Still Wants to Go to War
By Patrick J. Buchanan
September 17, 2013, 12:00 AM

The following article states that Lindsey Graham was definitely for attacking Libya. This article was before President Obama attacked Libya causing a struggle for who will run that country.

GOP Senators Back U.S. Involvement in Libya
By Anna Palmer
Roll Call Staff
June 19, 2011, 12:17 p.m.

Observations from the

One of the biggest differences between Senator Graham and his conservative challengers is the priority being placed on immigration. None of his Republican challengers want amnesty for illegal immigrants and none of them want immigration reform passed as soon as possible. Lindsey Graham was instrumental in getting S744 passed in the Senate. This is the Comprehensive immigration reform bill. This Comprehensive Act will likely not be voted on in the Congress until after the 2014 elections. It is likely this race will decide the fate of this piece of legislation. If voters send Lindsey Graham and other Senators that supported it back home there is a good chance it will not pass. If voters send Senator Graham back to Washington it will be a clear message to Washington. Since South Carolina is suppose to be a Conservative State this will send a clear message that granting a pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens will not get a politician fired. S744 is an 1198 page Comprehensive Act. None of his challengers will support any legislation this large. As explained further in the comments section on the home page of this web site supporting Comprehensive Acts is a strong indicator that the Senator believes America is better off as a Nation under Government. This is especially true since many of the items in this Act could be broken out and voted on as individual laws. For example they could pass a law now that Homeland Security must submit a plan to build a border fence before the Act is passed rather than 180 days after the Act is passed ( Click here and scroll down to "Title I: Border Security" section).

A preference for war is another indicator that this organization uses to determine if a candidate prefers a Nation under Government as the Founding Fathers believed in staying out of the affairs of other Nations whenever possible.In our opinion Senator Graham has clearly shown a preference for war. There are at least three examples that Senator Graham is not someone that believes in no "Entangling Alliances." Some of the articles in the newspaper articles section above show he was in favor of America becoming involved in the civil war in Syria and broke with other Republicans to support President Obama when the President attacked Libya. The first video in Senator Graham's video profile shows a clear preference for giving President Obama pre-approval to declare war on Iran. He does have an argument for giving President Obama pre-approval to attack Iran at will so please watch the video and decide for yourself. A question that we would like you to answer is would a Senator that preferred to stay out of wars give up his power to prevent a war by voting to pre-approve one? Our organization believes that the foreign policy of Senator Graham is a strong indicator that he believes our Federal Government should spend whatever it takes to have a say in the business of other Nations even when it is none of our business.

There are more comments on the Home Page Of this web site located just after the listing of candidates.

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