Why any Representative that supports
S1670 is against "Community Rights"

One of the reasons that our organization rated Senator Graham as preferring a Nation under Government is that he pushed for S1670. This is legislation that is a perfect example of a piece of legislation that is in direct violation of the system of "Community Rights" that the Founding Fathers gave America.

S1670 is a bill by which the Federal Government would force every State to make late-term abortion (abortion past twenty weeks) against the law.

If this legislation respected "Community Rights" it would be worded so each State would decide for itself if that State will allow or not allow late term abortion. Instead the legislation is worded that the Federal Government will force all the State Government to make late term abortion against the law.

The legislation is in direct violation of "Community Rights" since the Federal Government decides for the States what their morality on late term abortion will be instead of the States deciding for themselves.

You can download S1670 by clicking here. It is only ten pages long so you can read through it relatively easily to verify that it does trash "Community Rights."

As explained in the comparison table between a Nation under God and a Nation under Government "Community Rights" is the same thing as "States Rights" but is a little more descriptive.


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