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Basic Biographical Information and Web Site:

Residence (City, State): Orangeburg, SC

Marital Status: Married - one son

Occupation: Trial Lawyer

Education: Honors Program at University of South Carolina, B.A., 1978

Birthday: 1957

The State of South Carolina has a good biography on each State Senator. The link to C. Bradley Hutto is:
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Bradley Hutto
C. Bradley Hutto

News articles
News articles

The following articles were put in here to offer some evidence for the comments made in the general comments for this race in which the opinion was given that Senator Hutto prefers America as a Nation under Government.

The following link is to another article on Medicaid expansion.

S.C. House Republicans reject Democrats' effort to expand Medicaid program
By: Kirk Brown
Posted: 5:51 PM, Mar 12, 2013

The following link is to an article showing vote on Medicaid expansion was along Party lines and that South Carolina will be forced to use South Carolina funds for this program in the future if they opted in.

SC House votes down Medicaid expansion
March 13, 2013
by Matt Long
This report originally said 10 percent Medicaid matching funds would be required after 2017. The federal government will actually phase in the match beginning in 2017, but it will not reach 10 percent until 2020. We apologize for the error.

Observations from the

Observations from the

Please see the comments for Senator Hutto on the main page for this race.

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